6 Jacket Style Secrets Every Man Needs to Know

Jackets have been the most versatile and staple pieces of outwear in both men’s and womenswear. A jacket can add a decent and aesthetic look to your basic and traditional outfit. It is a classic piece of apparel that can be worn all year round, with all kinds of outfits, for all kinds of occasions, be it formal, casual or semi-formal. 

Jackets and men share a valuable connection, and we all know it. Men can embrace their masculinity and dominance by wearing a jacket with their basic outfits. A jacket can literally bring out the raw sexiness of men, in a quite elegant and attractive manner. 

Men have been pulling off jackets for more than decades now. These jackets are available in several fabrics, such as leather, cotton, polyester, satin, parachute and so on. Moreover, these jackets come in various styles, such as bomber, biker, motorcycle, flight, varsity and many more. If you want to go through a vast collection of jackets for men, then the 49ers Gold Jacket is where you need to be. 

A good jacket can be your companion for a lifetime, if taken good care of. The good thing about jackets is, they are highly versatile, and can easily go along with literally every outfit. Despite their versatility, there are some secrets that can help you style up jackets effectively. If you’re interested in these super amazing secrets to style up jackets, then you are in for a treat, because we have the best six ones listed below. 

  1. Get a jacket in basic color

First things first. When you’re investing in a good jacket, make sure to go with basic colors such as black, brown or gray. These basic colors will help you in matching up the jacket with almost every outfit. Colors such as red, maroon, blue, white or purple, will limit the choice of your outfit and occasion. A good black jacket, be it leather or cotton, can go along with both, a shirt and pants or a tee and jeans. Similarly, a brown jacket is the new black, so stay neutral and let the options be wide open for you. 

  1. Go for the outfit that makes you stay confident

Never wear an outfit under pressure, that makes you feel lousy and insecure. The key to look good whilst styling a jacket, is to be confident and affirmative. Though jackets can go along with all kinds of outfits, it’s up to you to choose an outfit that sits perfectly according to the occasion. For instance, if you are going to attend a formal office meeting, style up your black leather jacket with a white formal shirt, black dress pants and maybe a slim necktie. On the other hand, if you are planning a night out with guys, go with a gray t-shirt and a black ripped jean along with your brown jacket. 

  1. Wear good and decent shoes

Your footwear makes a great impact on your overall look. If you’re pairing up your jacket with a basic and casual outfit, then go with sneakers in white or black for a trending casual look. Whereas, if you are styling up your jacket with a formal outfit for an official meeting at work, then black dress shoes are the perfect ones to go with. Do not let go of your footwear, because it will speak to how careful you are with your dressing sense.

  1. Ensure the jacket fits you perfectly

The fitting of your jacket matters the most. No matter how expensive and genuine your jacket is, if it doesn’t fit you perfectly, it’s none of your use. Therefore, always make sure to visit the store in-person when you’re planning to buy a jacket. Ensure that the jacket’s length is up to your waistline and the fitting from the chest and waist is perfect. The shoulders shouldn’t be dropping down and the cuffs must end up at your wrist. Go for a fitted jacket, unless you are planning to wear a super baggy and oversized jacket at a red carpet.

  1. Match up your jacket with basic jeans

The bottom that you match up with your jacket is very important. If you’re planning to wear a casual outfit with your jacket, grab onto a casual ripped jean or denim jean to embrace the basic look that you’ve been inspired by. Whereas, if you are thinking of wearing a formal outfit with your jacket, then go for a formal dress pant. Similarly, you can throw on a jacket with a basic tank and shorts – it’ll be super casual but it’ll do for a beachy or casual day.

  1. Go with button down collar shirts

Let’s just get over the concept that button down shirts are only for formal looks. To be honest, button down collared shirts go perfectly with jackets and this is something that every man needs to add to his wardrobe. For a breezy and basic look, you can wear a floral printed button down shirt with a jacket, and similarly, if you are planning to adopt a formal look, then wear a solid colored or striped dress shirt. 


Jackets can literally transform your basic and casual look into a trending and stylish one. We believe that these above-mentioned 6 jacket style secrets are just something that every man needs to know. 

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