7 Tips for Buying a Made-to-Measure Suit

There is no other outfit than a well-made suit that can boost up a man’s confidence and embrace him with grace and elegance. And what could be better than an exclusively made-to-measure suit, eh? Something, particularly made for you, lifts your confidence and makes you stand proudly amongst the crowd. 

A suit has the audacity to bring out your masculine side and offer you the attractive look that women love. But isn’t it concerning, that the suit that you buy, is not exactly what you dreamt of? If it would’ve been tailored made, would you still have gone with the same detailing and fitting? Well, no, right? Then don’t compromise on the basics of a suit that matter the most.

Who says you can only buy a ready-made suit, and can’t get it custom made? Blade Runner 2049 Jacket offers made-to-measure suits – all you have to do is sketch down your requirements, and they’ll bring it in the form of a decent and graceful suit.

In this article, we will be listing 7 tips for buying a made-to-measure suit. Read these smart tips and make sure to follow them when you’re purchasing a well-looking suit. 

  1. Choose the fabric wisely

Choosing the right fabric for your suit is very important. If this is the first ever suit that you’re getting made-to-measure, then we’ll suggest you to go through the fabric of suits. You have a wide range of choices to go with, but to be honest, lightweight wool is the best fabric for suits. Wool is durable, lightweight and can be worn all year round. Whereas, if you are looking for suits to exclusively wear in winters, then go tweed is the perfect choice to go with. And if you are looking for a summer friendly fabric, the cotton or linen can be a good option too. 

  1. Don’t go extra with the color

Suits are best when they are simple and decent. Go with colors such as black, navy blue or grey. This way, you can wear this suit for almost every occasion, be it casual, formal or semi-formal. A good suit is known for its subtleness and decency, and solid neutral colors reflect decency and simplicity. 

  1. Stay in the budget

The most important one – do not spend more than your budget. Set up a budget for your suit, and try to stick within. A good made-to-measure suit may cost you somewhere from $500 to $800.

  1. Get the perfect fit

The fitting of the suit is basically why people get made-to-measure suits. You wouldn’t want to spend big bucks and still get a suit that doesn’t have the perfect fit, would you? We would suggest you to go with a slim cut suit, and ensure that it’s not either too tight or too loose. The clean lines of the suit that compliment your body are what you need to focus on. 

  1. Know your body type

The good thing about made-to-measure suits is, you can get your suit made as per your body shape, you don’t have to settle for anything less. Before ordering your suit, know your body type. If you are super skinny and super tall, avoid suits that are slim fitted, because these will only make you look skinnier. On the other hand, if you are short heighted then go for slim fitted suits, as it will add height to your look. Oh, and for those who are bulky and muscular, do not go for extra padded shoulders or cropped cut. 

  1. Consider the lapels carefully

The lapel collars can literally change the entire look of the blazer of your suit. A notch lapel collar is the basic and standard one, whereas, peak lapel style collar adds a subtle and creative flare. To embrace the modern look, go for lapels slim with width. 

  1. Don’t ignore the trouser

The trouser is an essential part of your suit, thus, do give it a thought. Traditionally, trousers have hem that touch the shoe sole, it is known as full break. Whereas, the modern and fashionable approach is to go with no break at all. 


Suits are the most elegant outfits that men can own. Get yourself a made-to-measure suit and embrace yourself with the decent and graceful look that you’ve always dreamt of. Look handsome, and feel it from the inside!

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