4 Internet Safety Tips You Should Be Following

What do you do when you want to ensure that your home is burglar-proof and secure? You lock all your doors and consider installing a smart camera in and around your property. This goes the same for your car or bike.

In other words, anything that is of value to you, you want to make sure that it is kept in a small place. What about the internet? Is your identity safe on the internet? Well, just like everything else, you need to safeguard your online identity.

The first thing you need is a secure internet connection. If you’re not using one, we suggest you consider switching to Xfinity Internet. Xfinity is not only the largest cable provider in the U.S. but also provides a secure connection with an unusually high data cap of 1.2 TB.

To ensure that you are safe while using the internet, we have created an internet safety guide for you to follow. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Use a Secure Internet Connection

As we shared earlier, the first thing you need to ensure if you want to stay safe online is using a secure internet connection. There are instances where you just need to use public Wi-Fi, even though it’s not the safest option.

Public Wi-Fi is hardly ever safe since users have no control over the network security. This leaves the user more prone to cyberattacks. However, sometimes, you need to use Wi-Fi, and the only available option is public Wi-Fi.

That said, if you do need to use public Wi-Fi, you should never do any online transactions or input your personal data on any website. But, if you have to, you should do it through a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

A VPN protects your identity and does not let any hacker find out your actual IP address and location. There are many free online VPNs you can use if you’ve never purchased one.

Never Share Your Personal Information

Have you ever considered the importance of reading terms and conditions? Well, if you haven’t, it’s high time that you should. Each time you have to sign up for something new, you will have to agree to its terms and conditions.

It’s important that you read the terms and conditions, and only agree if you find all of it safe. In addition, you should never share your financial information such as your bank information or social security number.

If you ever feel that your credit card is being misused, you should immediately inform your bank and deactivate your card. This will prevent any unauthorized person from using your credit card or bank information for the wrong reasons.

Activate Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is similar to two-factor authentication (TFA). The key difference is that when you enable MFA, you get a security code on multiple platforms. Whereas, with TFA, you get a security code on a single platform.

MFA is a one-time password that will be sent to your mobile number, or email or you will receive a call to input that password into that particular app or website. This will confirm your identity, through which you will be able to use the app or website under your email address.

MFA reduces your risks of being hacked and will keep your information safe. In fact, you can also consider using a third-party app for your MFA.

Ensure That the Website is Safe and Reliable

You need to make sure that any website you visit is not just reliable, but safe as well. But, how can you check the safety of a website? One thing you need to look out for is that the website you are visiting starts with HTTPS, and not HTTP.

Moreover, you also need to ensure that there is a lock icon before the HTTPS. These are the two main things that will ensure that the website is indeed safe. Here are some other things you can look out for to check the reliability of a website:

  • Look for any spelling mistakes that seem to be done purposely.
  • Look for any unclear or low-definition images.
  • Look for any ads that feel dubious and not organic.
  • Look for any abrupt color or theme changes.

All reputable and big brands will always ensure theater websites are up-to-date and professional. Therefore, if you do observe any of the above-mentioned factors, you have likely ventured upon an unsafe website.

All in All

Well, there you go!

We can all agree that the internet is a great platform, but it does bring about many things that will compromise your online safety. There are many ways you can ensure that you are safe online, but we have shared the key tips you should consider if you want to stay safe.

We hope you will consider following the above-mentioned tips, and hopefully avoid any incoming danger.

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