Desde Whisky a Vino: Tu Guía para la licoreria cerca de mi

What Sets Licoreria Cerca De Mi Apart?

If you seek the ideal location to relax with a beverage, you need to look at the Licoreria close to me. This bar and grill, situated in the heart of Mexico City, offers a little something for everyone. Licoreria Cerca De Mi is the place to go, whether you are searching for a spot to sip your favorite craft beer or indulge in a fine glass of wine.

An Overview of Licoreria Cerca De Mi

Licoreria Cerca De Mi, a liquor store based in Mexico, specializes in providing customers with a wide selection of alcoholic beverages from all around the world. From beers and wines to spirits and liqueurs, they have a comprehensive range of options for patrons to explore.

Why Licoreria Cerca De Mi Stands Out

In this article, we will delve into why Licoreria Cerca Mi is such an excellent spot to spend your time and why it is the finest place to enjoy a drink close to you!

Exploring the Offerings at Licoreria Cerca De Mi

Licoreria Cerca De Mi Wine and Craft Beer Menu

Licoreria Cerca De Mi is a liquor store that offers a wide variety of alcoholic beverages worldwide. Their extensive selection includes beers, wines, spirits, and liqueurs from various countries and regions. Whether you’re in search of a specific type of liquor or want to explore new options, Licoreria Cerca De Mi is the perfect place.

Wine Tasting at Licoreria Cerca De Mi

For wine enthusiasts, Licoreria is not your average liquor store. With a focus on wine, the store carries a diverse selection from all over the world, including some of the most expensive wines on the market. The wine-tasting room provides the perfect setting to sample different wines and expand your knowledge about their unique characteristics.

Craft Beer Tasting at Licoreria

For beer lovers, Licoreria De Mi offers a luxurious spot to enjoy a wide selection of craft beers. With a carefully curated collection of local and imported beers, patrons can explore different flavors and styles. The knowledgeable staff is always ready to guide customers through the options, ensuring a delightful craft beer-tasting experience.

Perfect Pairings at Licoreria Cerca De Mi

Wine and Craft Beer Pairing

Licoreria Cerca Mi goes beyond merely providing beverages; they are passionate about creating perfect pairings for any occasion. Their team of expert sommeliers and craft beer enthusiasts is dedicated to curating the ideal combination of wine and craft beer to satisfy your cravings.

Wine and Craft Beer Storage Tips

When choosing a place to store your wine and craft beer, Licoreria suggests using dedicated containers made of durable plastic. These containers keep your beverages cold and dry, ensuring they remain safe and ready for consumption.

Serving Tips for Wine and Craft Beer

To enhance the enjoyment of wine and craft beer, Licoreria Cerca Mi offers serving tips, such as using the appropriate glassware and avoiding over-pouring. They encourage a mindful approach to serving and provide information to help guests appreciate each beverage fully.

Exploring the World Through Licoreria

Sample Wines and Beers from Around the World

Licoreria De Mi proudly stocks wines from California, Australia, France, Italy, Spain, and more. Customers can purchase in bulk or sample before making a choice. The store caters to discerning drinkers, offering a diverse selection of beverages from different regions.

Atmosphere at Licoreria

Licoreria provides a warm and inviting atmosphere, making it the perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine or beer. The friendly staff is always ready to assist, creating a relaxed environment for patrons to unwind after a long day.

Pros and Cons

  • Wide range of alcoholic beverages worldwide.
  • Knowledgeable staff assisting customers in selecting the right drinks.
  • Varied pricing to suit different budgets.
  • Open late, catering to those who enjoy late-night gatherings.


  • Occasionally crowded, making seating challenging.
  • Background noise may impact conversation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Licoreria Cerca De Mi

  1. What Are the Prices at Licoreria ?
    • The prices at Licoreria are reasonable, with a range from $10-$40 per bottle.
  2. What Is the Atmosphere Like at Licoreria ?
    • The atmosphere at Licoreria is amiable and inviting, providing a comfortable space for patrons.
  3. What Is the Size of the Liquor Store at Licoreria ?
    • Licoreria is a large liquor store with an extensive selection of drinks.
  4. What Are the Amenities Available at Licoreriai?
    • Licoreria offers a wide variety of drinks, snacks, and food to cater to customers’ needs.


In conclusion, Licoreria Cerca De Mi is not just a liquor store; it’s an exploration of the world of fine beverages. With a diverse selection of wines, craft beers, and knowledgeable staff, Licoreria stands out as the ideal destination for those seeking a unique and enjoyable drinking experience. Visit this establishment and embark on a delightful journey through the world of fine beverages. Cheers!

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